Hello to all friends of Cafe Vingt Cinq!

The time has gone by fast, and we the Mazire family surely miss seeing all our friends and supporters.We want to thank you all for the kind emails since the first location was closed, we hope you keep on remembering us as you have.

Regarding the new location, the perfect spot for the new Cafe Vingt Cinq remains illusive. With many prospective locations offered, the right one has just not come along yet. We will keep everyone updated once a location is secured and on the way to serving tasty homemade french pastries and dishes once again! Thank you all, we hope to see you very soon! Merci!


Vingt Cinq's Family, The Mazire's


To all friends and loyal supporters of Cafe Vingt Cinq,
In light of a recent development dealing with mall management at the Santa Fe Fashion Outlet Mall, September 29th will be the last day of business at this location. 
Further information about the new location for Cafe Vingt Cinq will be posted soon. We thank everyone for their support for the past 3 years at the 8380 Cerrillos Rd location. Merci!

Cafe Vingt Cinq

No Ordinary Place

Family owned Cafe Vingt Cinq's Joel and Liza Mazire have been creating out of the ordinary treats in Santa Fe for over a year now. But, they are not alone, their 3 children also contribute to running the Cafe. At Cafe Vingt Cinq we use only fresh, all-natural ingredients in everything we make.


Joel shares a passion for traditionally prepared foods with those of you who appreciate fine baking. Liza is the artist behind the Cafes original savory dishes, many of which you will find NOWHERE else! This commitment to quality is evident in every one of our delicious, hand-made creations. And our friendly, down-to-earth service is the icing on the cake.


Take the time to browse our website for more information about our bakery and the products we create. Call us at 505-474-7300 with questions or to place an order to carry out. 



Our Creations

Here at Cafe Vingt Cinq, you will find a full range of baked goods, from traditional breads to custom cakes and everything in between, including some beautiful Animal Shaped Breads to grab the attention of any gathering you may have!


Find out more about our irresistible products!

News & Events

Café Vingt Cing was reviewed earlier this year in Santa Fe's Pasatiempo Magazine. In the review they were rated 3.5 chiles out of 4. Have a look at the article for yourself! 


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